MGC architects LOGO DESIGN

Progetto Concluso

We are looking for a professional logo that is simple, graphic and iconic. We are architects designers and want the logo to emphasize this facet of our business and captures the essence of it . It is important that the logo be sleek and modern but with a reference to tradition. We want to avoid using images that are clichés of architecture such as roof shapes, columns, etc. The logo will be used on a variety of medium such as BW drawings, letterheads, renderings, photographs, color presentation drawings, marketing information and business cards. The logo needs to be unique, striking, exciting and something we can use to emphasize and expand our brand. The logo needs to incorporate the business name: MGC architects. The logo can be based on a creative use of font styles or a stand alone symbol. The symbol could be font based, shape or hand stroke but no pointless clipart or cliché architecture / drafting images. The logo needs be legible and recognizable keeping in mind that it will be used in a variety of mediums.